Earlier in May we posted a blog on the Tribunal fee regime, and in particular the legal challenge being pursued by Unison.

Thank you to all who took part in our poll, the results of which revealed that over 88% of those who took part in the poll agreed with the principle of Tribunal fees.  Over 66% of participants thought that the current level of fees was too high, and over 60% agreed with a system of nominal fees.  Perhaps the issue of Tribunal fees isn’t so controversial after all, just the level at which they are currently set.

The latest development has seen Unison being granted permission to appeal to the Court of Appeal.  The Court of Appeal decided that the issue of Tribunal fees is of “sufficient general importance to merit permission to appeal”.  It its announcement, Unison has stated that it will “ask the Court of Appeal to consider the shocking figures released in March 2014 that revealed Employment Tribunal claims dropped by 79% in the first six months after the Government imposed fees on workers bringing a claim”

We will of course provide further updates on this blog as the appeal progresses.

In the meantime …

  • have you noticed that we have added our ‘Technical update’ to the blog, keeping you updated with all legal developments including recent case law and legislation.
  • is the sunshine making you look forward to the summer, are you looking forward to the World Cup?  Have you thought of what arrangements you will put in place for employees to enjoy the World Cup, and how you will deal with any issues that may arise?  Watch out for our upcoming blog pre-empting some of the issues you may face, and giving practical tips for dealing with them.

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