There is no doubt that LinkedIn has revolutionised the business world – from the way that professionals interact and network, to advances in business development, and new ways to recruit and ‘vet’ potential employees.  Since being launched in 2003, LinkedIn has more than 259 million members in over 200 countries and territories, and is available in 20 languages.  Members are signing up at a rate of two new members per second.

LinkedIn is an incredibly valuable business tool, and one which most businesses actively encourage their employees to use.  But could it be the Trojan Horse which could bring untold damage to your business. Not convinced? Ask yourself…

Would you let your senior / key employee(s) walk away from your business with your client/contact lists? No?

Well, why would they need to when they are already connected with all of your clients and contacts on LinkedIn?

For more information listen to our podcast series, presented by Elaine Huttley.

1. Introductory considerations and who owns the LinkedIn account?

2. Is the content of the LinkedIn account ‘confidential information’?

3. Post termination restrictions – will LinkedIn activity be caught?

4. So what now – tips and advice to mitigate against the risks

We could not possibly hope to do this topic justice in podcasts alone.  We are therefore in the process of scheduling a seminar on the implications of LinkedIn, particularly at the end of the employment relationship. If you would be interested in attending, please email to express your interest.  In addition, to influence the content of the seminar please post any comments, observations or questions below.

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