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Raymond Blanc gave us a classic example of the danger of twitter when he recently tweeted in reference to a contestant on the Great British Bake Off – ‘Not much skills, female tears and a winner so thin who makes me doubt of her love for great cooking, baking’.

In a guardian article, the said contestant eloquently responded ‘what are ‘female tears’, anyway. Are they more fragile and delicate than male tears? Do they wear pink?’

With an all female final and rumours of flirting between an attractive contestant & the one remaining male on camera in the programme, who’d have thought bake off would have cooked up such a storm.

But is what this prominent chef said to his numerous followers right? Is it right for him to refer specifically to female tears? Is he insinuating that female tears show females are weak or even fake? Some might say the world has become too politically correct. Doesn’t Mr Blanc have the right to make his opinion known? The problem with social media is that Mr Blanc was not only telling his 87,000 followers his opinion, by referencing the programme,  it means it will appear on any searches for the programme or if it trends. Oh dear. Suddenly it becomes viral.

Now in all fairness to Mr Blanc, he subsequently apologised. But the question remains, could his comments amount to sex discrimination? I’m afraid the answer has to be yes regardless of whether you think it’s PC madness. It’s arguable such a comment would never have been made about a male and therefore, it’s less favourable treatment because the contestant is female.

It’s safe to say, Raymond Blanc won’t be awarded star baker this week.

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