According to an article by the Mail Online an employee who created an eBay account called ‘My boss is a numpty’, has been arrested by police investigating claims that he had stolen hand tools from his employer Norman Precision, and sold these on eBay.  It has been claimed that items were stolen and sold on eBay for approximately two years, costing the firm several hundred pounds per week.

From an employment perspective this is not the end of the story but merely the beginning.  Norman Precision need to consider how they deal with this employee.  For example;

Do they dismiss him, or suspend him pending the outcome of the police investigation? 

How long do they have to wait? 

What if he is not charged by the police, but they want to dismiss him anyway? 

These (and many more) are considerations that an employer has to face in these circumstances.  Whilst it may seem an inconvenience at the time, it would be most galling if an employee, having stolen and profited in this way, were then to be awarded compensation for unfair dismissal by an employment tribunal.

Have your say … if you were Norman Precision, what would you do?

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